Cost Watch for iOS

  • Cost Watch tracks, in real time, the time and personnel cost of an event, such as a staff meeting.
  • In the settings, enter the details for the meeting; average annual salary, number of participants, estimated employee overhead cost, time limit, and cost alert level; then press start.
  • When the cost and time limits are reached, CostWatch will alert the watcher(s) with sound and color.
  • Use it to keep meetings on track, to amuse yourself during those mind numbing morale speeches, to annoy windbags who are running over time or off agenda, or to terrify your employees. (Attach two devices to wall-mounted displays, one displaying the staff's own cost and one for outsourcing to India. Please note that Little Dog LLC is not responsible for acts of revenge taken against you because of your use of this app.)

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The Display

Resets the the time and cost to zero.
Stops/starts the time and cost accrual. The stopped time is not used in calculations when the watch is restarted.
Displays the settings screen.
The accumulated cost for the meeting, excluding any stopped time.
Elapsed time in hours:minutes:seconds for the meeting, excluding any stopped time.

The Settings

Event Title A descriptive name to be displayed on the face of the watch.
Number of Attendees Number of people participating in the event.
Average Annual Salary This is a guess. Unless you work for the government, you probably don't know the actual salaries. Use your own salary with a little padding if you are unsure. (Everyone else is getting paid more than you, right?)
Overhead Cost Expressed as a percentage of salary, the amount of non-salary cost the organization pays per employee. This includes benefits. The percentage typically ranges between 25% and 50% of the salary.
Time limit The expected duration of the event in minutes. When this limit is reached, the app will play an alert sound and will display the elapsed time in red.
Alert every ... dollars When the cost reaches a multiple of this number, the app will play an alert sound and will display the accumulated cost in red. The accumulated cost color then fades to black. For example, setting the value to 100, will cause an alert (and the color fade) at $100, $200, and so on.
Alert sounds Turn the alert sound on or off.

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